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Forklift Train The Trainer

Forklift train the trainer from All Purpose Forklift Training is the most comprehensive and flexible training program available in the industry today. Trainers attend a full day class at your facility and review training techniques, lift safety principles along with OSHA and ANSI Guideline requirements to keep your operators safe and your company compliant.

Modular Power Point Training Program:

  • This next generation Power Point presentation is designed for maximum flexibility and lift specific instruction.
  • Teach on the lift types that you use, with lift and manufacturer specific videos and training information.
  • Lift training options include materials and videos for: Sit-down Counterbalanced, Stand-up Counterbalanced, Stand up Reach, Order Picker, Turret Truck, Electric Pallet Jacks, Walkie Riders, Walkie Stackers.
  • All videos are embedded for easy access and topic compatibility.

Instructor Course

Web Access of All Materials

Trainers no longer need thumb drives for access to updated training materials. The trainer portal is updated with new training forms, videos and tools keeping trainers and operators current on OSHA and training techniques on a regular basis.

Over 20 Supplemental Videos

Not only does the PowerPoint have safety videos built in, but the site has many other videos that trainers can use to emphasize safety topics or review select attachment safety. Many videos are direct from manufacturers, so you know they have safe use of their products as the primary goal.

Forms & Documentation

Not only do trainers receive a trainer's guide, PowerPoints, tests, evaluations forms, but many other necessary forms are part of the trainer portal.

  • Class Roster, Operator Evaluations, Incident reports, re-certification forms, safe use acknowledgement and equipment use authorization are the main ones
  • Site safety forms and facility specific operator training forms allow companies to develop facility specific guidelines for operators.
  • Inspection forms are also available in the portal.

Custom Options

For companies that want to develop custom training materials, contact All Purpose Forklift Training. Forms, videos, manuals, tests and all materials can be customized to showcase your company and facility in our training materials. For those that wish to provide computer-based training, we have custom digital options you can use as well.

Feel free to contact us directly for training around the United States at (888) 978-2516.

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All Purpose Forklift Training instructors combined brings over 100 years of training and field experience. We strive to deliver the highest standard of quality forklift certification training.

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