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Whats the Average Lifespan for a Forklift?

Whats The Average Lifespan For A Forklift

The average "age" of a forklift is determined by the number of hours it has been in operation. In the case of a standard forklift operating on a single shift with an 8-hour workday, it typically accumulates around 2,000 hours annually.

While the typical lifespan of a forklift is commonly cited as 10,000 hours, it's important to note that this figure may vary depending on the manufacturer. Exceptional machines like Toyota forklifts often exceed this benchmark, with endurance levels surpassing 20,000 hours.

There are several additional factors that contribute to accelerated "aging" of forklifts, including:

  1. Cold weather conditions
  2. Frequent lifting of heavy stacks
  3. Extensive usage across multiple shifts per day
  4. The level of maintenance the forklift receives
  5. The choice between gas-powered and electric-powered forklifts

It is possible for two lift trucks to be the same age in terms of years but have significantly different life expectancies. A truck primarily used indoors in clean environments will have a much longer lifespan compared to one exposed to extreme temperatures or heavy loads. If your fleet consists of both indoor and outdoor trucks, consider implementing a rotation system every few months to ensure that the vehicles wear at a consistent pace.

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Another factor influencing the lifespan of a lift truck is the choice between an electric-powered or internal combustion engine (ICE) model. Generally, electric forklifts tend to outlast ICE forklifts due to their simpler design with fewer moving parts.

Well-Maintained Equipment Lasts Longer

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of equipment hinges on proper maintenance practices. Well-maintained equipment plays a crucial role in minimizing unforeseen and avoidable repairs, which not only skyrocket the cost per hour of operation but can also disrupt your company's productivity.

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