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Forklift Operator Certification School

Our premier forklift operator certification school is dedicated to ensuring accident prevention and maintaining a secure workplace through an impeccable program designed to meet and exceed the latest OSHA standards and regulations nationwide.

Year after year, unfortunate forklift accidents occur, resulting in an alarming average of 85 fatalities and 34,900 accidents.

By embracing our comprehensive forklift safety program, you can save valuable time and resources while effectively mitigating injuries and potential fatalities. Safeguard your employees by implementing the appropriate forklift safety measures.

For a forklift certification that empowers you to become a proficient forklift instructor, explore our website or reach out to us directly.

With our specialized training, aligned with both employer requirements and OSHA standards, we prioritize the utmost safety of your employees.

Contact All Purpose Forklift Training School

Contact our forklift operator certification school regarding training programs and all other forklift inquiries. Please call us toll-free at (888) 978-2516 or visit All Purpose Forklift Training. Classes fill quick!

With the help of our prestigious forklift operator training school, you may confidently begin your career. Get hands-on experience, experienced coaching, and the skills you need to become a certified and competent forklift operator.

Our forklift operator certification renewal program ensures your continuing competency. Get the training you need to update your abilities and keep your certification, ensuring you stay a safe and capable forklift operator.

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Our History
All Purpose Forklift Training instructors combined brings over 100 years of training and field experience. We strive to deliver the highest standard of quality forklift certification training.

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